Get Your Property Ready for Reopening

Get Your Property Ready for Reopening

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Maintaining a clean, healthy environment should always be a top priority. If you need to disinfect your church, facility or office before opening your doors, fog-in the Zone has you covered. We'll use EPA-approved equipment and cleaners to disinfect your space.

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Using the right tools for the job

When you're looking for a pro to disinfect your property, you'll want to find a team that's equipped for the job. Our customers trust us because we use:

  • We fog at five microns to take disinfecting to a new level.
  • Spray bottles to target high-touch areas
  • EPA-approved chemicals to kill pathogens
  • Fogging machines to disperse disinfectant in the air

We'll work our way through your facility with our respirators to ensure every surface gets cleaned. After spraying areas, we let the disinfectant sit for three minutes before cleaning it off thoroughly. Contact us today if you need to disinfect your property.